Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fantastic Charity!

If you are looking for an amazing organization to donate to this Christmas season......we have the perfect place!! Almost 3 years ago, we were greatly blessed with the adoption of our precious Wesley! He was hand picked by God for our family............and as always, it has been PERFECTLY WONDERFUL! He is an amazing little boy, and truly brings us so much happiness and joy. He lived in an orphanage, Eagle's Nest, in Guatemala, for the first six months of his life. Unlike a lot of orphanages, Eagle's Nest is a great place. They absolutely love the sweet babies and children there and they provide wonderful care for all of these precious children. Rhett and I will forever be grateful to them for taking such amazing care of our sweet little boy, and for loving him when we could not. I remember like it was yesterday, the first time we met him, and were able to hold him. It is because of the fabulous care from the staff and nannies there, that Wesley was so healthy, and adjusted so well to us. We could tell how much the sweet nannies really loved him, and that warmed our hearts! Unfortunately, due to the legal systems, adoptions in Guatemala have stopped, but there are still many children there that need homes. It is because of great places like Eagle's Nest, that these children have a place to call home. We all know how expensive raising children can be, and it is no different for Eagle's Nest. I know it would be a huge blessing to them and the precious little ones there if we could all donate this Christmas Season. Christmas is about giving.....that is what God did for us, He gave us His Son to save us! Join us in helping to save the sweet children still without loving parents and homes!!`There is a link to Eagle's Nest on the top right side of our blog. Thanks to any of you who are able to donate to them, if monetary donations are not possible, please pray for them and all of the sweet precious children! THANK YOU!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

So Long!

It has been a long time since I posted anything!! We have been busy around here!

We had a great Thanksgiving week! We travelled to my parents last Wednesday night, and we were all so glad to be out of the car!! Davis has always had ENOUGH when we have about 30 minutes to go, so I spent the majority of that time turned around in my seat, feeding him snacks, and trying anything to make him happy (very safe, I know!). Wesley travelled really well, and was super excited to watch his new Thomas and Diego Christmas movies, SEVERAL times!! We went to Rhett's parents Thursday morning, and had a great Thanksgiving Day lunch with his family. We enjoyed getting to visit with every one, and Wesley and Davis had a fun time with all of their cousins. Wesley even decided to take a swim in their goldfish pond......always an adventure! We went back to my parents that afternoon for a Thanksgiving Day Dinner! Again we enjoyed a fantastic meal prepared by my mom, and had so much fun with my brothers and their families. Wesley and his cousin Maxwell played non-stop! We originally planned to stay until Saturday, and were going to fun Christmas light display with my parents, but sweet baby Davis started running fever late Thursday afternoon. So, we headed home early Friday, in order to see our pediatrician that afternoon. Thankfully he has just had a bad sinus infection, and after four days is FINALLY feeling better! We had a quick trip, but we had a wonderful time with each of our families.

In spite of everything, we know how much we have to be thankful for. God has richly blessed our sweet family, and continues to do so daily. Even through all of the struggles, pain, sadness, and fear, HE provides for us more than we could ever deserve, and we are SO VERY THANKFUL! With each day that passes, we realize even more how much we have been given, and we praise God for that! We are so blessed with: salvation, faith, forgiveness, freedom, a wonderful marriage, health, family, friends, a nice home, food to eat, our precious boys, our journey with sweet Caroline, and trials that make us stronger. God is GOOD ALL OF THE TIME!!

We are now in full Christmas mode at our house! All of our decorations are up, and I LOVE IT! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my most favorite times of the year! Wesley and Davis had so much fun "helping" us decorate the trees, and we had a blast decorating with them. Davis loves "un-decorating" the trees, and Wesley is ever so helpful to tell him how that is not right, and is a big "no-no"! I frequently hear from Wesley..."I think Davis has an urnament, mama,.....and he always does!!" I love it; they are so funny!! You will see in the pictures below, that they had the most fun on the ladder with their daddy, and yes I do realize how "un-safe" it was, but their Daddy promised me they would not fall! For those of you who know my sweet boys, you know how much they love to climb, so this was right up their ally! They make everything so magical! We are truly a blessed family