Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We've been busy

 Wesley had a blast playing t-ball this summer......he is SO PROUD of his trophy!
 Sweet brothers
 Wesley has also become a pro at Mario Kart.....I love his little tongue hanging out
 Precious home-made Father's Day cards
 I couldn't resist.....potty training in full swing!
 We have played outside every day......I just love my fun and active little boys......clothes are apparently optional at our house ;)
 We LOVE on baby brother ALL day EVERY day......so precious!
 This little guy is just growing like a weed!!
 We have built many masterpieces with Tinker Toys
 Beautiful baby
 We have ALL been examined many times by Dr. Davis
 Lots of playing and helping out with sweet Johnson
 We had a great 4th at Papa and Mimi's house....lots of swimming and playing with cousins
 My very brave children decided they were ready to jump off of the diving board......a big thanks to their sweet Daddy and Uncle Todd for catching them over and over and over.......

 My sweet Daddy and three of his sweet grandsons!
 I could just eat them up
 He has NO FEAR!!!!
 We have spent some time checking out Papa's amazing trains......my boys pretty much live in the train room at my parents, when they are not in the pool!
 My sweet grandmother, holding Johnson......Johnson is my grandmother's last name
 So blessed to be called mommy by these precious boys!
 Hanging out at some of our best friends house for yummy food and fireworks!
 Wesley is an awesome big brother
 We wear helmets to push around wheel barrows....who knows??.......guess he was headed to some dangerous terrain ;)
 We have played trains everywhere.....even built our own with chairs, golf clubs, and toy trains....and we have been on some very interesting adventures
 We have all been soaking up this precious little boy.....he is such a snuggle bunny
 We have taken lots of baths.......even some bigger boys have felt the need to crawl into the baby tub.......whatever works :)!
 This little boy is 5 weeks old.....WHAT?!?!
 We visited the zoo......and rode the train......Johnson did not think much of his first zoo trip.....he just slept the whole time!
 I CAN NOT believe my sweet Wesley is riding his bike......he has mastered it, and it is the cutest thing ever......just makes me a little sad how quick he is growing!!!!
 My three little loves......Praise God for sharing theses precious treasures with me!!!
Finally, some of our amazing friends hosted a baby shower for sweet Johnson!  We are so blessed with such sweet friends and family that came to celebrate the blessing of Johnson joining our family.  It was a great day!!

We have been BUSY, but we have LOVED every second of it!!!