Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Been A While

It has been a while since I have updated our blog! We have been really busy, and have actually
not been at home a lot lately!

My first update is a PRAYER REQUEST! Rhett, Wesley, Davis and I have been blessed so much
in our adoption journey. We have been matched with an amazing birth-mom for about three
months. We are so thankful for her and the difficult decisions she is making for her precious
baby. We are expecting our third BOY in June! We could not be happier and more excited to welcome another sweet little boy into our family. I am not going to share details about our situation right now, but when the time comes, we have an AWESOME story full of wonderful details that our God is revealing every day. There is no way to hear this adoption story, and not see God's hand and his miracles all over it!! I can't wait to share the details! We just ask that you pray specifically for our birth-m0m. While we have never placed a baby for adoption, we have left the hospital with empty arms, so we fully understand the difficult times that await her. Pray for her strength, health, courage and peace. We know that a lot can happen between now and June, and that nothing is "for sure", but we are so excited to watch God's wonderful plan for our family continue to unfold.

Secondly, I am so thankful and well, just proud of my sweet husband! Just last week, he and 34 other church members, flew out of Memphis, headed to Peru, for a 6 day medical/dental/Bible club mission trip. They were selfless and left their families/jobs/comforts of home to go and share God's love and provide much needed assistance to sweet men, women and children in Peru. I will admit that I was a little nervous about parts of the trip, but when the time came, God answered my prayers. He provided safety, health, and many blessings for the well as for the family's at home. Rhett said he absolutely loved the experience, and he is so grateful for the opportunity to share dentistry, and Christ's love, with the wonderful people of Peru. I think they were able to see somewhere around 800 people in just 3 days of clinic.....amazing! I have enjoyed hearing about their experiences and how God worked not just in the precious people of Peru, but also in the precious people from Mississippi!

The boys and I spent most of the week with my parents, and as always, had a great time! We were so thankful and excited to see Rhett coming through the gates at the airport. Wesley and Davis made signs for him, and could not get to him fast enough! One thing we did for Rhett before he left, was the boys each drew six pictures, and I wrote six notes, and we put them in an envelope for him to open every day. Rhett said those pictures and notes just made his day:)! Thank you to all of our sweet friends and family that prayed for the trip, and called to check on all of us!

Rhett on one of the mountains
Oh my......she is precious
Sweet boys and girls waiting in line
This was the "bathroom" for the men on the trip--the sweet people at this church did everything they could to make the "Americans" comfortable--Rhett said it was just so humbling at what little they had and didn't care, but they worked so hard to make them feel as comfortable as possible.
Beautiful Peru

Some of Rhett's sweet little patients

Hard at work

Rhett and I both have been on a mission trip, and we look forward to going on more in the future. We also look forward to the day we can include our sweet boys in a mission trip as well....maybe even to Guatemala!!

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