Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas at home this year! It was just so fun to do family traditions with our sweet boys, and see how excited they were. Our hearts are so full of joy with the blessing of all our children, and we are so thankful for the MANY ways God has blessed and continues to bless us!!
Cookies for Santa......I think Wesley was telling Davis he could NOT eat them.......for those of you who know sweet Davis.....the boy LOVES cookies :)!!
Reindeer Food.....had to make sure Santa could find us ;)
My favorite tradition.....reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve
Every year, I make Monkey Bread for Christmas morning breakfast
Wesley can't wait to see what Santa brought......Davis is still not so sure!
Had to put a picture of our tree in here!
Santa Came!
They love this garage with all of the wooden cars/trucks
Wesley started asking for drums from Santa, back in the summer. I have to be honest, I secretly wished that he would change his mind, but he never once said anything different! Davis, not understanding Santa, always said he wanted drums too :) as you can see, that silly 'ol Saint Nick brought drums to our boys. They were very excited and have put on many lovely concerts for their to my ears ;)!!

Wesley was most proud of a Cars movie he wanted! He hugged and kissed this crazy movie!No Christmas would be complete without a new Thomas track at our house! Rhett got this head lamp just to try it out for his trip to Peru, and as you can see, it was quickly put to good use by Davis. He said he needed extra light to make sure the track was put together correctly :)!
Working hard!
So happy about the new trains he wanted!
Davis loved ripping paper off this year......he would say..."Ooooooh, what iiiiiiiiis iiiiiiiit" sweet!
A jeep just like Daddy's!
Wesley really loves throwing the football with his Daddy, so he was very happy to have a new football.
The boys each got these cool new wheels from Santa!

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