Saturday, January 15, 2011

SNOW 2011

We had about 5 inches of snow at our house last weekend!! For the south, that is huge!! We had so much fun playing in it! I made many cups of hot chocolate to warm us up, and washed several loads of "snow" clothes, but it was all worth it to see these sweet little faces sooo happy and excited!!

He thought jumping on the trampoline was going to be such a great idea.......he changed his mind quickly!
Who needs sand, when you have snow and a stick (Wesley has a love for sticks, and he always finds one, first thing when we head outside)??
These boys have my heart!!

Working on our time, we will wait until later in the day, b/c it was really hard to get the snow to stick (we are novice snowman builders :)!
My little snuggle bug
Our neighbors and best buddies, shared their sled with us. The boys LOVED it, but I must admit the ground was quite chilly;)!!
Poor Will was holding up the back......Wesley and Davis decided they would recline and enjoy the ride. That's a great friend!!
Wesley spent a lot of time just rolling in the snow.....he was soaking wet, but did not care one bit.
Precious brothers!
Laughing at Wesley rolling down our front yard
This sweet boy is amazing, and I thank God every day for the wonderful blessing of adoption.....we can not imagine our lives without this precious gift!!
Our snowman......complete with sunglasses

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  1. Super snow pictures! The snowman looked great, and I loved the sled pulled by a 4 wheeler! Fun!