Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Christmas 2010

We had a great time celebrating Christmas this year with our families! The first celebration we had, was at Rhett's sister's house. We have our Christmas with his family the weekend before Christmas, and we rotate who hosts it every year, so next year it will be at our house again! Sadly, both of my camera batteries were very low, so I was not able to get as many pictures on this day, but there was lots of great food, laughter, and a good time was had by all. We really enjoy getting to visit with every one, and our boys have a great time playing with their cousins!!

Wesley is chasing Davis....trying to get his present back, that Davis claimed as his own :)
Davis running with his loot :)
Present time is always fun and WILD!! In a matter of about .02 seconds, there is paper and ribbon everywhere!! It drives me crazy.....but the kiddos love it!!
Rhett's sister, with her very sweet girls, opening their gifts
First attempt at a photo of all of the cousins
Cute Sam tearing into his gifts

Rhett's parents working on their pile of presents
I love this precious boy sooo much :)!!!
Rhett's sweet grandmothers
Attempt #2.....much better! These adorabe boys and girls are all so sweet, and play very well together. My boys talked about all of their cousins and how much fun they had with them. We look forward to visiting again soon!!
Mim's (Rhett's mom) made a strawberry say this sweet baby enjoyed it, would be an understatement!!!

We had Christmas with my family on the 23rd/24th, this year! As always, it was a blast, and we had so much fun visiting with every one. It is loud and crazy when we are all together :)! We all LOVE to visit my parents (Papa and Mimi), and I just love having all of my brothers, sisters in (love not law), and precious nephews and niece together! A few days before our get-together my oldest brother and his family spent two days at our house, and we enjoyed it so much. Their boys are older than ours, but they played so well together. It was a wonderful visit with my family, and we can't wait to get together again soon! Rhett and I have even been thinking about talking Santa into visiting there next year.....we will just have to wait and see what Santa decides :)!!
My beautiful boys, nephews, and one niece--sweet Lucas did not feel well :(....poor baby ended up having strep throat
No visit is complete without many trips upstairs to Papa's train room~Papa has done an amazing job building his train layout, and my boys LOVE it, but not as much as they love their Papa!!

Thanks so much Uncle Greg and Aunt Becky for the is played every day!!
My sweet Daddy, and my oldest brother. Daddy found Scotty a super cool gift at a garage sale :0......$1 for this amazing golf tool?? It was hilarious!
Uncle Scotty and Davis on the tiny piano!
Uncle Todd and Wesley!
Oops, didn't mean to put this one on here twice (it was the by far the best gift of the night)!!
This one too......I can't delete them??
Best buddies!
Logan and Bailey after cookie decorating!
Sweet Maxwell having fun with icing
Lucas got creative with his too!
Sweet Logan giving Davis some advice on his decorating skills!
My amazing boys!
I love these guys so much!!
Little more help from Papa
We always decorated cookies growing up, and I have such great memories doing it with my brothers and parents. I am so happy and thankful that my mom continues this at her house for our children. They all look forward to it, and it is so much fun!
This picture is one of my favorites!! I just love all of the kiddos so much, and am so thankful for them! Reagan is the very handsome teenager in the top right corner (this is the only pic I got of him :(!! He will soon be 16.......hard to believe!!

Somehow, we managed to not have any pictures of Aunt Mignyon, Aunt Becky, Aunt Rhonda, and Uncle Greg! I am very sorry, and I promise to make up for it next time we are all together!! Wesley and Davis had so much fun playing the "wind" game with Uncle Greg!!
My sweet parents. They are the best parents, and we are so thankful for them! They love our boys so much, and our boys CAN NOT get enough of them!

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  1. Amanda,

    Looks like ya'll had a fun-filled Christmas. I'm thinking I'd have to ask Santa to visit my parents' house too when little ones come along. We used to do that at my grandparents when we were little, and I loved it! Can't wait for our family to have little ones running around! :)